Going Extra Mile by In-person CV Drop

To go the extra mile means to do more than is required, to strive for excellence. You will not be able to find success by following the same path as everyone else. Going the extra mile helps you to be more successful in everything you do, whether it is performing well in the class or landing on your dream job. I know it is not always possible to do everything with 100 percent excellence but it is important that you enjoy the journey of pursuing and instilling the spirit of excellence. Because it is the journey that shapes you, that teaches you new lessons. The people who get the furthest in their careers are those who think outside the box and go the extra mile to ensure they do everything they can to make the most out of every opportunity, as those who do more, learn more.

If I talk about myself I am a life-long learner, I am on a constant journey to enjoy the pursuit of my potential, to consistently and persistently infuse the spirit of excellence into everything I do. I do not always achieve the goal I am aiming for, but I always strive for it. For instance I had applied for an internship in Nestle, I filled the online application, emailed them my CV and cover letter. However, I was desperate to show them how passionate and interested I was to work with them. Therefore, I decided to go to Nestle Sheikhupura branch and drop my CV in person there. The In-person drop means to personally go to a organization where you want to apply for the job, try to meet the manager and deliver an elevator pitch along with your resume and cover letter. There were many thoughts that were running in my mind, I was a bit nervous with a lot of excitement and a tinge of confusion. However, it was final that I am going to Nestle no matter what.

It was a shining Thursday morning when I was all prepared to go to Nestle. I arrived at their factory and entered the premises from gate number 2. The entry was not that difficult as I elaborated the objective of my visit quite well to the guards. I greeted the receptionist and asked about the availability of HR Manager.

The biggest challenge I faced was that I had to wait 2 hours for the HR Manager but he was busy with some meeting; therefore I was not able meet him. However,I didn’t give up and asked the receptionist about the person with whom I can talk to in this regards. She told me to go to the administration department where I got a chance to meet a kind person Mam Uzma. I briefed her about my visit, handed over my documents to her and delivered my elevator pitch in front of her. She actively listened to me and answered all my queries. She really praised all my efforts and told me about the work environment of the organization, dates and timings of the internship. Nevertheless, according to her there would not be much effect of in-person CV drop, as they were almost done with the process of finalizing the names of candidates for internship. She told me to hope for the best and wait if I would get a call from the HR department of Nestle.

So I returned home with a heavy heart. But guess what! In the evening I got a call from the HR department of Nestle telling me that I was selected for the internship and I have to join the Sheikhupura factory from Monday. I was just overwhelmed with emotions on hearing this news. Truly if you work hard to achieve something the whole world helps you in achieving it.

The thing I have to improve is that next time before visiting any organization I have to contact them to check whether or not the person I have to meet is attending the office and if there is some time slot in their schedule when they can meet me or talk to me.

This experience taught me that most of the time the reasons because of which we are afraid to do certain things are actually the reasons we should really do those things. Over-thinking, fears and assumptions, they are just the hurdles that stand in between us and our goal or success. Most of the time we just see the negative side of the picture without looking at the positive aspects that are hidden behind it. We should come out of our comfort zone and try to think out of the box. Everything seems difficult and even impossible until it’s done.

A nutritionist by profession, and a writer by heart. It seems like bliss to me to inscribe my thoughts and feelings on the paper, and that’s what I love to do!